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Memorial created 11-10-2006 by
Olesya V Novikova
January 27 1998 - November 30 1999

Olya's Angel friends

It is unfortunately true, that there are many children who die before their parents, of many different causes. The cause, it is of no concern. The loss, it is one that to much people know, and have experienced, and it is a loss that is not a single event, but that the parents, the family, the friends, must live with every day for the rest of their lives. On this page, you will meet some very special people, who unfortunately, you will never have the chance to meet here on earth. Other children taken too soon, other people who's life was to short on this earth, but who are now the guardian angel of the ones they love. You will see the pictures of those lost children, and hear about them and their lives, and will be able to appreciate and remember them and their familys. If anyone wish to have a loved one added to this page, please leave your contact information in the guestbook. And I am sorry of the losses of everyone who have a family member posted here. Vitaliy


Makar, brother of Leosha (8 January 1982-14 October 1984)

Makar's older brother Leosha says: Makar Konstantinovitch, the younger brother that I could not grow up with or protect. He was a victim of the child abuse in our home, and his life was short and not very happy. There was times, when I was little, we would play together, and he would smile or laugh, and act like a happy little baby, like he should have been. There are so few memories I have of him, and he deserves so much better then that. So many of the memories I have of him, we both were scared and crying. No child deserves to be remembered as that. I am so sorry that he can not be better remembered, and I know that he is my guardian angel, because I have had occasion to see him as that. Maks, my brother, I love you very much, just as I did when we would play the toy cars together and sleep together. I am sorry I could not protect you more. Thank you for the life you have helped me find for myself, and for the wonderful people you have put into my life, including another chance to be a 'big brother'. You will never be forgotten. Love, Leshka

Amy Lynn Alsofrom, daughter of Shelley (20 September 1978-28 September 2003)
Joey Whiteman, son of Terrie (8 September 1980-3 September 2002)

Joey's mother Terrie says: Joey was a caring young man, a great friend, wonderful worker and was climbing the ladder very quickly. He was an athlete, one of the best on his soccer team, from the time he was three years old. He played regular, travel team and was ready to go off to college for International Business. I miss my beautiful boy, I wish he would have fulfilled all of his dreams, but that wasn't meant to be I guess. To learn more about Joey, please visit his site at: Joey Whiteman


Anthony "Tony" McLemore, son of Sylvia (10 January 1981-20 August 2002)

Tony's mother Sylvia says: Anthony Ryan "Tony " McLemore was born January 10 , 1971 He was murdered on August 20 , 2002 The Broken Chain

We little knew that day...God was going to call your name In life we loved you dearly ...In death , we do the same It broke our hearts to lose you ...you did not go alone For part of us went with you...The day God called you home

You left us beautiful memories...Your love is still our guide And tho we cannot see you ...You're always at our side Our family chain is broken ...And nothing is the same But as god calls us one by one ...The chain will link again

To learn more about Tony, please visit his memorial page at : Anthony McLemore


Kanda Michell Jacobs, daughter of Dianna (24 May 1973-13 April 2004)

Kanda's mother Dianna says: IN MEMORY OF KANDA MICHELL JACOBS May 24, 1973 - April 13, 2004 ""OUR MEMORIES"" OH LORD, HOW WE MISS OUR KANDA "GIGGLES" To learn more about Kanda, please visit her memorial page at : Kanda Michell Jacobs


Mack Creamer, son of Shaye (29 October 1986-24 May 2004)

Mack's mother Shaye says: Kenneth "Mack" Hillery Creamer (10/29/86~05/24/04~brutally murdered at 17) was the best friend any one could ever hope for, even to his mother. He had several (37) girl friends who were his best friends. He enjoyed talking with them about whatever bothered them or made them happy. Some mothers have told me of the 'words of wisdom' that Mack gave to their children through the course of his young life. He loved animals, his computer, games, his music-both writing & singing, reading, lifting weights, the beach and swimming (therapy at one time), the mountains especially the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA, the Great Smoky Mountains in TN, the rodeo, travelling (Mexico, especially), and writing songs (over 200). He also wrote poetry (published "Celebration" & "Timeless Voices") and short stories ("Colours") and took photos ("Classical Moments"published). Mack wanted to be a rapper "when he grew up" and WROTE songs (He never recorded or produced, but he did go to the "Studio" for sessions). Mack's forte was WRITING. He was one of the most gifted in this field (according to his English instructors) and exhibited outstanding communication skills. Unfortunately, Mack will be forever young as his loving memories, echoes of laughter & joy, and beautiful pictures are all that's left of a once happy, ambitious, bright, laughing, compassionate and intellectual adolescent who was on the brink of becoming a young adult. He was a Beta Tester for the Gaming Magazines and a Code Breaker for the new video games on the market. He also built web sites and learned to do so with his own html codes. He was gifted in so many areas and was a true gift from God. He was truly an awesome person. His doctors at Children's Hospital had recommended that he become a doctor because of his intelligence, caring and good nature, kindness, and compassionate soul. Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever To learn more about Mack, please visit his website at: Kenneth Hillery Creamer


Aaron Brewer, son of Lori (12 March 1981-4 June 2007)

Lori says:

Aaron Dwayne Brewer  March 12, 1981~June 04, 2007.
"Remembering Our Texas Boy"


To learn more about Aaron, please visit his website at:

Aaron Dwayne Brewer



Cassandra Baker, daughter of Debi (8 April 1985-10 August 2008)

Debi says:

Cassandra was one of the most caring people you would ever meet.  Once she was your friend, she was your Friend forever.  She loved life, her family and her 3 babies.  She had so much more to do in life, but all that came to a halt on August 10, 2008.  Never in my worst nightmare would I have thought that I would ever have to bury one of my children and yet here I am....burying (cremating) my first born daughter.

To learn more about Cassandra, please visit her website at: Cassandra Baker


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