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Olesya V Novikova
January 27 1998 - November 30 1999

When my daughter, as she get older, one of her favorite things to do is dance. She would spin around the room, clapping her hands and laughing, she would be so happy with herself. 'Look Daddy, I dance!' Sometime she would spin around to where she would fall over, dizzy. She would just laugh, get up and do it all again. I loved it, to dance with my daughter. I would pick her up, and we would dance around the room, to whatever music is on the radio. As she get a little older, and she is not just the baby, she would stand on my feet, and I would hold her little hands, and we would dance together. That sometime, it would frustrate her, because she would say 'No, you to big'. And then, of course, I would have to get down on my knees instead, and walz with my daughter. Olya, I wish so much you was here, and could dance with your father again. You have always my love.


Much thanks to Shaye for the poem

Poem for Olya, written by a very kind friend Dances With Angels My beautiful darling Olya baby So loved, ne'er was a maybe.. Her grace, beauty, love to me was given Now it's cold, bleak, dark, not driven. My heart so shattered & broken Her love a constant, no mere token.. Olya's grace & beauty beyond compare.. Oh, you don't see her there? Wait before you go.. There's something you should know.. Beautiful Olya, my child I love.. Now dances in Heaven above. Oh, you didn't know? Here, Olya's beauty let me show.. So loving, sparkling & dark eyed.. Why did she leave me here to grieve? My music, my dance, everything died.. My heart torn open by a tiny baby Not quite two..she would dance upon my shoes.. Now I see ethereal beauty..not a maybe.. She gracefully dances with Angels above My heart, my soul, my breath, my baby Olya I love.


The Bubble discovery

One of the quite best times with my child, I would give her the bath, and she would splash in the water and play with the toys. She always quite liked it, and I knew that sometime when she was little older, I would take her to learn swimming, because she liked very much the water, and did not want to come out of it most the time. And of course, being the baby, we have to do the bubbles.

I don't know quite what she realize of the bubbles before. She would touch them, and they would go away, or like 'bounce' and she would say 'oooh'. And I remember laughing and thinking how cute this is, that she is discovering something new each day, and for today, the big discovery, it is the bubbles.

So one day, I show her that you can pick up the bubbles and blow them, and they 'fly'. So she do the same thing, but of course, being the baby, she blow very excited, and blow to hard. The bubbles fly all over me, her, they get everywhere. And first, her eyes get big and surprised, and then she start laughing like wild. It was the most amazing little baby laugh, and she keep blowing at them so they go all over the place, even out of the bathtub, and keep laughing.

It was a small thing, but just the most beautiful silly little moment you can imagine. Thank you so much, my baby, for sharing with me your bubble discovery.


My beautiful angel Talya

While in the hospital for a heart procedure, I was feeling quite 'down' and scared, having to spend more then just one night. My sister brought in my beautiful neice Talya, who is quickly getting close to the age Olya was when she died (Talya was born in early February, Olya in late January). Talya is already quite the little drama girl, who loves to dress up like the princess, the faerie, the ballerina. My sister say that this outfit is the faerie butterfly, but I just see her as an angel to me. She come and lay down in the bed with me, and let me read to her, and she gone to sleep with my arms around her, smelling her clean hair and feeling the memories of holding my own beautiful daughter with me. I so very feel Olya in my neice, and I am very greatful that I am allowed to feel such again.

A dozen things about Olya

In the grieving parents group that I am a member of, there comes around 'questions' about our lost children, to remember them, to share them with other people. The question from yesterday was to share a dozen or such things about your child. I thought I would share them here also, although some of them perhaps have been shared here some before.

A dozen things about Olya.

1. She was a beautiful little girl, and she known it because her mother and I tell her that all the time. Her mother tell me that one day, she is in the store with the baby, and she tell some stranger 'My name is Olesya and I'm beautiful'.

2. Also once in the store, she seen another little girl, very light hair and blue eyes, and she tell us 'Look, she isn't done yet' (she think that you have to have dark hair and eyes to be 'done' I guess)

3. Her favorite toys was the stuffed bear, that was near as big as she was for a long time, that she sleep with. And also, a plastic duck on wheels that she pull on a string and it make 'quack' noises. We never have very big apartment, but you always would know where the baby is by the 'quack quack' noises.

4. She liked to color, and never eat the crayons like some small children do. But we only let her have them when we was with her, just in case of it.

5. She liked all kind of music on the radio, and would clap her hands with the music and try to 'dance'.

6. She loved to be read to and told stories. Her favorite was one about 'Five amusing bear cubs'. She was always smart, and after she hear the story before, she remember it, and she be able to point to the pictures, when you ask 'point to the red bear' or 'point to the flower'.

7. She liked most foods, although she also did like to 'play' with them. I remember her with the green peas, she would put her finger on it and 'smash' it in the plate flat before she eat them.

8. She always like the bath, and to be clean and play with the bubbles.

9. She was one of fastest crawling babies ever I see. She would get up, walk few steps, and then seem that she think she can go better or faster to crawl, and just go back down again on the floor, dragging her bear with her.

10. She was very stubborn, and she would keep trying something until it work for her. She even try that with food. She would taste something, and make a terrible face, then say 'more'. Try it again, still hate it. She would try it a few times, keep asking 'more', until finally she can not stand it no more, and she say 'no more now'.

11. She was a very good and quiet baby, who sleep most of the night right from when she was first born. And I would make her mother crazy, because even if Olya was already sleeping, I would wake her and take her out of bed to hold her and read to her when I get home.

12. This child, who was on the earth for so short a time, taught me more about myself and what is most importent in the world then everything else in my life has.


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