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Memorial created 11-10-2006 by
Olesya V Novikova
January 27 1998 - November 30 1999

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10-18-2007 6:43 PM -- By: MINDIE/SETH'S MOMMY,  From: OHIO  


10-18-2007 10:56 AM -- By: Wendy,  From: Simi Valley, CA  

What a sweet and beatiful angel you have. I hope you are feeling better and you have only the most wonderful memories of Olesya. Take care, my friend. Wendy Mom to James Aaron Gurevich

10-03-2007 3:58 PM -- By: Jackie,  From: San Diego  

God Bless you and your Angel Oesya

10-02-2007 12:59 PM -- By: Sandy,  From:  

What a beautiful, precious baby girl !! I know my precious Angel Brandon is missing his little God-Daughter here on earth and I know he will take care of your baby girl in heaven for you.

My prayers are with you and your family.

Sandy, Forever Brandon's Mom

09-27-2007 8:46 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, Pa.  

Dear Vitality, Olesya's Daddy. The Website You have created with so much Love In memory of Your Sweet Angel Daughter Olesya is so Beautiful. I am so sorry for Your Great Loss of Little Angel Olesya. I am sure my Sons, Brian and Tim are playing with Olesya in Heaven. My married son Brian and his Wife Kristen were hoping to be Blessed with Children, they were married one year, and then Brian died with his Brother Tim in an Auto Accident. My eyes filled with Tears seeing Your Sweet Little Angel Olesya. The Loss of a Child or Children leaves a Forever Wound in Our Hearts, until one day we too pass on and get to see our Sweet Angel Child Again in Heaven. Hugs to You and Your Sweet Little Angel Girl Olesya. (((((Vitality & Olesya))))) Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Little Olesya) and Sean on Earth, Your GP Friend.

09-25-2007 9:47 PM -- By: Norma Foote,  From: TX  

Hello there, sweet baby girl, just wanted to see your angel face. Norma~Sherrie's mom

09-25-2007 8:48 PM -- By: Bettie Murray,  From: Ohio  

What a beautiful precious Angel Olesya is. Keeping you and your family in my daily paryers. May HIS merciful touch give you strength today and everyday.

09-25-2007 1:33 PM -- By: Buzz Key,  From: Kansas City, Missouri, USA  

Visha, my heart jsut weeps for you and your loss. as i was looking and reading all of this, i kept tinking how i would feel if i were to lose on of my sons - i would want to die....i am SO sorry for your loss and pain...you are in my prayers. Buzz

09-20-2007 10:25 PM -- By: Penny, Lisa's Mom from GP,  From: Indianapolis, Indiana USA  

Vitaly, You have created a beautiful memorial for your beautiful child. Someday, you and Olesya will dance together again!

09-20-2007 5:58 PM -- By: Jean, John's mom,  From: GP  

My heart break for you. Such a beautiful angel Olesha. God grant to you comfort and peace.

09-20-2007 3:14 AM -- By: Leshka,  From: you know  

I love all the stories you have about your time with your daughter. You were such the perfect, yes, perfect father. Only the very best of fathers will remember all of these little, but wonderful things. You are the man, the kind of father, that most children are not fortunate enough to have. I can not imagine a happier child in her time on earth, and I am very proud of you to continue to fight to survive and live the life of honor that you always do. You are someone I am very proud of, and I very much admire and want to aim to be more like myself. Much love.

09-20-2007 1:40 AM -- By: Edie,  From: Louisiana  

Vitaliy, Just stopping by to visit your beautiful and precious Olesya. What a lovely tribute to one of God's loving Angels. Olya, visit Daddy often, and keep sending him those beautiful signs. Love, Edie, Jason Hilton's Mom

09-19-2007 8:52 AM -- By: Keith Haffer,  From: South Dakota  


There is not much one can say when your daughter leaves. I know what you feel and what you look for, but each of our pain is different, yet the same. I know you had a lifetime together, even though it was a short physical time. eternity is forever and you and your darling Olesya will be reunited again.


09-06-2007 5:54 AM -- By: Bonnie,  From: florida  

So sorry for the loss of this beautiful child. God bless and wrap his arms around you.

09-05-2007 9:44 AM -- By: Debbie Wengert- Kevin's Mom,  From: Maryland  

Thinking of you sweet angel. You are so so beautiful. RIP and look after Mommy. She misses you so.

09-03-2007 10:25 AM -- By: MINDIE/SETH'S MOMMY,  From: OHIO  


08-23-2007 7:06 PM -- By: Sylvia ~ Tony's Mom,  From: Elkmont , Alabama USA  

Vitaliy , your precious Olesya is so very beautiful . I'm so sorry that she can no longer dance with you but one day soon she will . Hugs , and much love to you and Olesya. Sylvia

08-01-2007 8:41 AM -- By: MINDIE/SETH'S MOMMY,  From: OHIO  

Olya is just beautiful... thank you for sharing her with us. keeping you in my prayers & thoughts. Hold on tight to the memories of Olya until you can hold her in your arms & dance with her on your feet again. Mindie/Seth's mommy

07-30-2007 2:07 PM -- By: Natalie,  From:  

Olesya, What a wonderful sign to give to your father. Letting him see a brief glimpse of that beautiful light that you and our other angels now live in. Thanks for keeping him safe. Love, Natalie

07-28-2007 10:29 PM -- By: Shelley, Amy's Mom,  From: Block Island, RI & CT  

Vitaly, what a beautiful little girl your Olya is. She looks like a precious little doll. I am so sorry for your loss, for your Olya. I can feel your sadness and your love throughout the pages of the website. May G-d bless you and yours.

Shelley, Amy's Mom

07-28-2007 8:34 PM -- By: Sheri Kyle,  From: Peoria, IL  

Vitaliy - I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Olesya. You had such a short time with her. My heart is sad for you.


07-25-2007 6:25 PM -- By: ,  From:  

www.i146.photobucket.com/albums/r273/shayec07/fbday22.gif Happy happy Birthday to a very beautiful person inside and out!! Wishing you the very best on this day you so graciously blessed your parents\' lives. Happy birthday dear Andrey and may you have many many more! keeping you forever in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Bless you! Have a good one! :) Always, Shaye, Mack\'s Mom Forever www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com www.myspace.com.macksmomforever \"Death does not end a Love/relationship, Just how we communicate.\"

07-25-2007 2:29 PM -- By: Dani mom to ^Pauli^,  From: New York USA  

Vitaily, I love your tribute to your friend Andrey! Happy Birthday Andrey from the US! Your baby picture is soooo much like Olya's! She (& U ) were beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing with us.

07-21-2007 11:18 AM -- By: Lyndie,  From: marco Island Florida  

((((Vitaliy)))) Such a beautiful memorial to your precious daughter. How I wish she were in your arms dancing as she should be. I am so very sorry for your tragic loss. Keeping you close in my thoughts now and forever Much love Lyndie Joey and Olya heavenly buddies

07-20-2007 5:13 AM -- By: Jeri Jessii's mom,  From: Garretson South Dakota, USA  

Olesya, special gift from heaven. Although you stay was so brief your memory will be forever. I look at your sweet face and see an angel. Always you were and are loved. Always you will be missed.

07-19-2007 2:04 PM -- By: Cherylann,  From: British Columbia, Canada  

Thank you for sharing your precious daughter in these pages, Vitaliy, it is so clear how much love is in your heart for this very, very precious child. And, I loved the story about when she said fair people were not 'cooked' or done yet! That is the perfect outlook of a perfect child...so innocent. One time when Trevor was 2 years old we were in a shopping centre and he saw an East Indian man in his East Indian clothing walking down the isle and Trevor yelled out very excitedly to me and loud enough for everyone (including the East Indian man) "MOMMY! IS THAT JESUS?"

Those moments are the most special of them all.

Love to you and your family...


07-19-2007 10:21 AM -- By: Gini,  From: GP  

My heart breaks for you. Such a beautiful little Angel. If you look hard enough, you can see her little wings. God needed her for an important task. Believe that someday you will see her again, hold her again, and feel your heart at peace again. My son and husband are also on this site. My son's name is Robert Kraiza. So sad we need to meet at a place such as this, but in the meantime, thankful it is here for those who need support and understanding. For a short while you got to love an Angel. Now she looks over you and her loved ones. God bless you....Gini

07-19-2007 8:50 AM -- By: Judy Mwenya,  From: Lusaka in Zambia (Africa  

Your daughter was/is so cute. I wrap my hands around you and give you a big hug.

Your friend in grief

Judy - Mpundu's Mom

07-19-2007 8:48 AM -- By: Judy Mwenya,  From: Lusaka in Zambia (Africa  

Your daughter was/is so cute. I wrap my hands around you and give you a big hug.

Your friend in grief

Judy - Mpundu's Mom

07-04-2007 2:57 AM -- By: Joyce,  From: Biloxi, Mississippi  

How precious you are Olya. Be sure to send Daddy lots more butterflies because he loves you so much and misses you. Here is a poem for daddy that may help.

The Broken Chain

We little knew that day God was going to call your name.

In life we loved you dearly; in death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you.

You did not go alone, for part of us went with you, the day God called you home.

You left us beautiful memories; your love is still our guide.

And though we cannot see you, you are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one, the chain will like again.

Vitaliy, treasure those memories. You are in my prayers.


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