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Memorial created 11-10-2006 by
Olesya V Novikova
January 27 1998 - November 30 1999

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11-11-2006 9:14 PM -- By: Jodi Scholl,  From: Co Bluffs IA  

Honestly I don't know where to start... My heart just broke in pieces for you and Olesya... We take so much in life for granted and dont even realize it at the time until something bad like this happens...I cant even imagine how it must feel to lose a child that is so innocent and young..She was such a beautiful little girl.. I lost my only sibling Jon Scholl, which is on this site also, and it was so devasting to me although I had him for 31 years..My life was over and my heart broke and rip out of my chest..I just read Olesya's site and I just cried for you.. Such hurt.. I just cant imagine... God Bless you...

11-11-2006 8:01 PM -- By: Susie Alverson,  From: Spring, TX  

To the family of little Olesya, What a beautiful baby girl you have. I know your heart is broken. I can't even begin to imagine losing a young child. I recently lost my 23 yr old son (Lance Alverson - on vm website)so I know the difficulty there is in having to adjust to life without your beloved child. You described it so correctly when you say a part of you is gone. Those of us who lose our children have been changed forever. We will never be the same person we were before our precious children left us. We how have a deep, dark hole and if we don't try hard to fill it with positive, good things, the hole will consume us. I survive one day at a time and thank God that I have been able to just do that. I do believe, after much research, that our children are still with us, in spirit. They can hear us and they can feel our love. I am hearing many miraculous stories from other mothers who have lost their children, who tell me how their children, in spirit, leave them signs that they are still around. When our day comes to cross over, we will be with our babies again, I have no doubt. God be with you all. I will pray for your pain, that I so well understand.

With love, Lance's Mom, Susie

11-11-2006 11:50 AM -- By: Paul Nelson,  From: NY, USA  

Visha, What a beautiful child in spirit and body. Remember, she was also lucky to have you for her father. She felt your love. You made her world complete while she completed yours. I share your pain, friend. She is with you still, even when you don't feel it. Right now, inside you. What a wonderful tribute you have written. Thank you for sharing. The peace of god will come to you, I promise.

11-11-2006 1:28 AM -- By: "Me",  From: Missouri  

This is beautiful. She is with you always. I see you in her, in her smile. You gave her that smile, she gave you yours. Your hearts are joined forever, and nothing can ever change that. Families are forever, and she is near, watching over you, and enjoying every success with you. I know she is proud of you, and so am I. I love you

11-11-2006 1:17 AM -- By: adam patterson,  From: usa  

things as beautifull as this child are with us for such a short time ,but change our lives forever . visha my friend if i could give you my heart i would gladly to help ease your pain. you will be together again . hold onto that for all time.adam

11-11-2006 12:14 AM -- By: Alisha,  From: Illinois  

Your daughter is so beautiful. I'm so sorry for what you have to go through. I know it is hard living your life without someone you love so dearly, but just remember that some day you will see her again and that pain will be gone.

11-10-2006 9:42 PM -- By: Denise,  From: New Jersey  

Your little angel is so beautiful. I can see that even though some years have passed you are still heartbroken. The loss of a child is so difficult and something you never really get over but learn to live with over time. My brother lost a child nearly 30 years ago at birth and I have never forgotten him. I still pray for him and to him. I believe that the spirit never dies but merely takes on another form of energy that we as humans can not see. Talk to Oleysa and let her know that you miss her and love her. I am sure she is not very far away and looking over you. If you still have trouble dealing with your feelings don't be afraid to talk to people about it. There are so many groups for parents who have lost children. I am sure you might even find some on the internet. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless You.

11-10-2006 9:37 PM -- By: Joan,  From: Ontario, Canada  

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl. ~God Bless you all~

11-10-2006 5:16 PM -- By: jamie tarlton,  From: texas  

what a precious darling little girl,i know your heart is hurting so bad i am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. may god bless you and your family. i have two grandkids on v/m we lost them the same day they are jessica tarlton and samuel carter if you get a chance go to my jessi's and read the poem her mom wrote about jessica's daycare maybe your sweetheart is being cared for by my angel untill you get there to care for and be with her again.may god bless you, jessi and sam's grandma

11-10-2006 3:33 PM -- By: sharon,  From: Atlanta, GA  

Olesya is so beautiful, so sweet, so precious... my heart aches for the pain you have endured and are still going through. Virtual hugs flying your way... - Sharon


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